GPIO Module

Python-GPIO is a Simple GPIO module, that doesn't need to run as root.
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Python-GPIO is licensed under the MIT License
Here is a C header file
Click here to get a layout chart with all the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins


gpio.setmode(pin, mode)
Pin must be an integer and mode must be "in" or "out", depending on what you want to do. You must export your pins to /sys/class/gpio with the following command (must be run as root) :
echo [PIN NUMBER] > /sys/class/gpio/export
You also need to give yourself permission to access the pin with chmod. Here is a shell script that does this automatically
gpio.output(pin, value)
Sets the output value of the specified pin to 1 or 0. Possible values for value are 1, 0, True and False.
Reads the value of a pin. Returns 1 or 0.
Click here for a small example